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Creating a Shipping Manifest

Last updated: Thu, 16 Mar 2017 19:49:53 GMT
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Creating a Shipping Manifest

The Shipping Manifest screen is used to create a manifest to track packages leaving the customer site. Using this screen, you can create a list of packages leaving the customer location with a specific courier and obtain a signature from the courier prior to releasing the packages. Once outbound packages are closed using this screen, the date and time the packages were released are recorded, providing an audit trail for the packages. 

Use the following procedure to create a shipping manifest for outbound packages on the Shipping Manifest screen.

  1. Access the Shipping Manifest screen by selecting Mail → Shipping Manifest from the sidebar. Outbound packages assigned to the default center display automatically when the Shipping Manifest screen is accessed.
  2. (Optional) To print a shipping manifest for packages assigned to a different center, click the Drop Down button (Drop Down) button in the Centers field and select the appropriate center from the displayed list. Packages assigned to the selected center display on screen.
  3. Select the check box associated with each package to add to the shipping manifest.
  4. Enter the name of the person signing for the packages in the Signed By field.

    Shipping Manifest
  5. Click the Submit button. The Print window displays, where you can define additional settings and print the manifest.

  6. Define printer settings as necessary and the click the Print button. The manifest prints at the defined printer and the package records are automatically closed in the Mail module.

Once you print the manifest, follow your defined processes to obtain a signature from the courier prior and release the packages.

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