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Mail Desktop

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:06:10 GMT
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Mail Desktop

The Mail Module desktop has two function windows:

  • Mail Manager  (right-hand pane)

  • Site Map (left-hand pane)



Figure: Desktop - Mail Module

Mail Manager

The Mail Manager displays a list of the user’s packages received in the mail center, both undelivered and delivered. Employees can see their packages only. The operations staff sees all packages.

  • To view the details on a specific package, click the package listing to display the details, such as time checked in or mail route information.

Current Mail Items

Current Mail Items displays information on undelivered packages.

  • By clicking on a package listing you are able to open and view the package details.

  • You can then click Print at the bottom right of the screen.

Delivered Mail Items

Under Delivered Mail Items, you are able to view details about delivered packages. Time delivered and verification on who signed for the item are among the information provided. By clicking on a package listing you are able to open and view the delivery ticket. Once inside the ticket, you can: 

  • Print a hard copy by clicking Print at the bottom right of screen.

  • Verify the delivery signature by clicking on Print Confirmation. However, pop-ups must be enabled in order for this feature to work. 



Figure: Mail Receiving Summary

Site Map

The Site Map allows you to select the specific section of the Mail module that you want to access. As an example, if you select the Check In feature, you will go to the Check In section.



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