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Pending Queue

Last updated: Tue, 09 Oct 2018 16:58:55 GMT
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Pending Queue

The pending queue is a preference that is enabled or disabled during initial configuration. If it is enabled, one mail center shipping queue will be designated as the pending queue. 

To move an undeliverable package to the Pending Queue, click the Pending button. The package will then be listed on the shipping queue on the designated mail center.

  1. To view packages in the pending queue, click the Shipping Queue tab. 

  2. Select the Pending mail center from the drop-down menu. The package will be listed there. 

  3. As you determine the correct delivery information, you may need to change the recipient. Locate the package in the Pending Queue, then click the View button under the Actions column. 


The Summary opens and shows the details of the selected package.

  1. Click Edit under the Actions column and make necessary changes to the information. The window that opens is similar to the one described in the Package Check In function. Click Apply to save the changes, then click OK to exit.

  2. Once you are ready to delivery the package, click User's Center (under Recipient Information) to transfer the package back to the Receiving Queue.

  3. Note that under the Package Detail, you will see a record of the date and time the package was received, transferred to and from the Pending Queue, and delivered. 

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