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Receiving Queue

Last updated: Wed, 03 May 2017 20:03:40 GMT
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Receiving Queue

The Receiving Queue screen lists all packages that have not yet been delivered, including all Inbound and Interoffice packages that have been checked-in to the application. Each time a recipient signs for a package, a timestamp is created and the package is removed from the Receiving Queue and saved to history. To access the Receiving Queue screen, select Mail → Receiving Queue from the sidebar or click the Receiving Queue button on the Mail Desktop.

If you have more than one center, verify the appropriate center is selected in the unlabeled Centers field in the upper-right corner of the screen. To change the center selection, click the Drop Down icon  (Drop Down) icon in this field to display a list of available centers and select a center from the list. Mail items checked-in to the selected center display on the Receiving Queue screen and your center selection is retained the next time you access the screen.


Receiving Queue screen

On the Receiving Queue screen, general information displays for each mail item, including the sender, recipient, date received, and so on. You can determine whether a mail item is Inbound or Interoffice using the Inbound icon - Mail module (Inbound) and Outbound icon - Mail module (Interoffice) icons to the left of mail items on this screen. To locate a specific item, enter the tracking number in the Search field. Mail items matching the search criteria display automatically in the Results section.

To view detailed information for a mail item, such as the route, room where the item should be delivered, and comments, click on the item to access the Mail Status screen. If you need to print a barcode label for interoffice packages, click the Barcode Labels button in the upper-right corner of the screen. The Barcode Label Selection screen displays, where barcodes can be printed.

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