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Mail Status screen

Last updated: Tue, 09 Oct 2018 16:57:48 GMT
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Mail Status screen

You can view additional details for a package on the Mail Status screen in the Mail module. To access this screen, click on a package record on the Receiving Queue screen or the Shipping Queue screen in the Mail module.

Mail Status screen - Mail module.gif

You can perform the following functions on this screen. 

  • Add comments about the package delivery process. Type your comments in the Add Comment field and then click the Add button. Customers can view these comments.

  • Edit package information by clicking the Edit button. After making changes, click Apply to save the changes, then click OK to exit. You can even edit the recipient when in edit mode by clicking the pencil and paper icon and selecting a new recipient.

  • Print a label for the package by clicking Actions button and then selecting the Print Label option from the submenu. You can also print general package information by clicking the Print Page option in this menu.

  • Transfer the package to the recipient's center by clicking the Actions button and selecting the + (Transfer) option. If you determine that a package cannot be delivered (in case the package is addressed to the company name or is addressed to a former employee), you can transfer the package from the Receiving Queue to a Pending Queue

  • View custom fields defined for the recipient, such as the recipient's detailed location, special needs, access requirements, and so on, by hovering the mouse cursor over the Information icon (Information) icon displayed to the right of the recipient name.

  • View the courier's tracking history for a package by clicking the Tracking arrow - Mail module.png (Tracking) arrow next to the tracking number. The courier's tracking website displays in a separate window. This feature is currently available for DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS.

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