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Viewing a Captured Signature Post Delivery

Last updated: Thu, 07 Sep 2017 20:25:51 GMT
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Viewing a Captured Signature Post Delivery

Once a signature is captured at delivery for a mail item, the signature can be viewed on the Mail Status screen accessed from the Mail Search screen.

To view a signature on a package, access the Mail Search screen by selecting the Mail → Search option from the Sidebar menu. On the Mail Search screen, click the unlabeled Package Status toggle to display only delivered packages, and then select the package from the list (you can limit the displayed results by entering search criteria in the left-hand section). Once a package is selected, additional package information displays on the Mail Status screen.

View signature capture - Mail Status screen

Hover the mouse cursor over the View link in the Status Information section to view the signature captured during the package delivery. The signature displays in a box below the View link.

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