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Labels and Placards

Last updated: Wed, 09 Sep 2020 19:26:14 GMT
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Labels and Placards

The Move module gives you the functionality to print box labels and room placards for any move. There are two ways to access the labels and placards feature.

  • Select Move →  Labels & Placards option from the Sidebar menu. 




  1. Select the Move tile on the iOffice Desktop.

  2. Select Labels & Placards. The list of current Move Requests displays. 




Printing Labels and Placards

To print specific labels and placards, perform the following steps:

  1. Select the request(s) for which you wish to print labels or placards.

  2. The search default is Quick Search, which returns the closest matches to the values you enter in the filters.

  • Select Match Any Filter to match one or more of the filter values.

  • Select Match All Filters to only see results that meet all of your filter values.

  1. Add a customized search by clicking the Edit Searches tab. Adding a customized 
search allows you to save time from having to conduct the same search again and again.

  2. Click the Print Labels & Placards button. A dialog box displays. 

  3. Choose either labels or placards and customize various options. When you are ready, click the Print button in the dialog box. 

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