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Adding / Editing Tasks

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:04:40 GMT
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Adding / Editing Tasks


Explains what the feature is or what its benefits are to the user or customer.


Whether you edit or add a task, a separate dialog box opens.

  1. Name the task.

  2. Choose a center to which the Task applies using the drop-down menu. The default is All Centers, but you may select a specific center.

  3. Use the Form Builder to construct the request form. Select data fields from the drop- down menu and then click the green  symbol to add the fields to the form. The Notes data field is one of the more frequently used fields when editing tasks.

  4. The fields appear in the Form Builder. Click to toggle the Required/Not Required option for the data fields. Click the red  to remove fields from the form.

  5. A form preview will appear to the right of the Form Builder.

  6. When you are done, click OK to save changes. Click Cancel to exit without saving changes.


Move Adding Editing Tasks.png

Figure: Adding / Editing Tasks



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