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Editing Items

Last updated: Tue, 22 Sep 2020 18:38:06 GMT
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Editing Items

After a move item is added to the move items section they can be edited afterwards. To do this do the following:


1. Click the move item that needs to be edited.

2. The move information will then show on the right hand side, click the field that needs to be edited.

3. Once the field is changed the move request will auto-save




Additional Warnings

When adding/editing a move item, iOffice automatically checks to see if the room you want to move the person into is available. If there is a conflict:

  • A warning icon 2_Warning_Icon.png  will appear next to the move item if the space is already in use. Th warning icon will also appear next to the To space.

  • A error icon 3_Error_Icon.png will appear if a required field needs information.



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