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Move Request Searching

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:04:51 GMT
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Move Request Searching

The Move Request has a search function to assist with large block moves. With this feature, you can quickly add large sets of users to a move request.


  1. The default is to use Quick Search, which returns the closest matches to the values you enter in the filters. 

  • Select Match Any Filter to match one or more of the filter values. This is an “or” search requiring that only one filter be met.

  • Select Match All Filters to only see results that meet all of your filter values. This is an “and” search, requiring that filters be met.

  1. You can add a customized search by clicking the Add Searches tab. Adding a customized search allows you to save time from having to conduct the same search again and again.

  2. Enter a filter by clicking the New Filter box. Select the appropriate filter criteria from the drop down menus.

  • To enter another filter, click the New Filter box again.

  • To remove a filter, click the red Move Close Icon.png icon to the right of the filter.

  1. Click the Search button. LiveSearch returns the data that match your filters. Click the correct item.


Move Request Searching.png

Figure: Move Request Searching Screen



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