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Submitting a Move Request

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:04:57 GMT
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Submitting a Move Request

The following video provides an overview of Submitting a Move Request. Simply click on the link to view.


Move - Submitting a Request.swf


In order to submit a request, click the Submit Request option on the Move module menu. The Submit Request screen opens. 


Move Submit Request.png

Figure: Submit Request Screen


  1. The left part of the screen lists all Move Items that are part of this request. Add more Move Items by clicking the green Move Add Item.png icon.

  2. The Overview tab gives you an overview of the request.

  3. Edit individual move items (once they have been added) by clicking the Edit tab.

  4. Enter the Request Information:

  • The requestor name defaults to your login information. To enter a different requestor, start typing the requestor's name. LiveSearch returns the closest matches from the directory. Click the correct name when it appears.

  • Give the move request a name in the Description box. The more specific you are, the more the request will stand apart from other requests in the queue.

  • Select a move date and time.

  • When an end-user submits a move request, he or she will not see the Approved box. Employees with appropriate permissions can approve requests by checking the box.

  1. The Comments box allows you to provide brief status updates and notes to the record. Type the comment in the box, then click the Add Comment button. Note that end users can view comments on their requests.

  2. The Move Summary lists items already added to the request. Remove an item from the list by clicking the Remove button.

  3. Click the Save & Close button to save changes. 



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