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Creating a Reservation

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:05:23 GMT
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Creating a Reservation

In order to create a reservation in the Reservations Module, perform the following steps.


Note: You can also create a reservation from selecting the room from the Space Manager.


  1. From the Reservations Module, click Room Availability. The Room Availability screen opens.


Figure: Room Availability Screen


  1. Find the room you want to reserve and click on the time you want the meeting to start. The Create Reservation screen opens.



Figure: Create Reservation Screen


  1. Under the Building drop-down field, select your building.

  2. Under the Type drop-down field, select the type of room (optional).

  3. Under the Set Gantt Length View Mode drop-down field, click the length of time (optional - 1 or 2 months).

  4. Click whether you would like to view the calendar in Hours or Days.

  5. Once you have decided which room you want to add a reservation, find the appropriate start time of your reservation on the calendar and click (e.g. Click on Room A on 2/27/2015 at 10:00 A.M.). The Create Reservation Screen opens.


















Figure: Create New Reservation Screen


  1. Enter the room where you would like to schedule your reservation in the Room field.


Note: If you already selected the building and room before clicking the Add New icon, the Room field will auto-populate. If you simply select Add New, will need to manually enter your specific room.


  1. Verify the Reserve For? field is correct. If not, enter the correct information.

  2. Enter the number of participants in the How Many? drop-down field.

  3. Enter the duration of your reservation in the Duration drop-down field.

  4. Enter the Start Date in this field.

  5. Enter the start time for the meeting in the time field.


Note: If you select Multi-Day in the Duration drop-down field, the Time field will disappear and be replaced by an End Date field.



Figure: Create New Reservation Screen - Multi-Day


  1. Enter the guests for your reservation. You may add guests by name, and they will receive an e-mail notification of the reservation.


Note: You may either enter specific names, or you can search by entering the first few letters of a guest's name. A drop-down listing of potential guest is then available for selection. 


Start Optional Step


14a. Enter any notes about your reservation.


End Optional Step


  1. Click the Create button to create your reservation. If you want to cancel the creation of your reservation, click the Cancel button.

  2. You (and any guests you specify) will receive an e-mail notification. 


Note: If your site has the Auto-Cancel Reservations administrator checkbox enabled, you or one of your guests must check into your reserved room within a specific time period after the reservation begins.


As an example, if your reservation begins at 10:00 A.M., and the admin checkbox is enabled and set for 15 minutes, then you or one of your guests must check into your reserved room by 10:15 A.M., or you reservation will be automatically canceled.



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