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Adding a Ticket

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:05:26 GMT
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Adding a Ticket

In order to add a ticket, perform the following steps:


Note: You must have the Service Request Module in order to add a ticket in the Reservations Module.


  1. From the Reservations Module, select the Reservation Queue.

  2. Select the Ticket button. The Request Information screen opens. 


Reservations Request Information Screen.png

Figure: Request Information Screen


  1. Select your Request Category from the drop-down menu.

  2. Select your Request Group from the drop-down menu.

  3. Select the Request Type based on your Request Category and Request Groups selections.

  4. Enter the priority of your request in the Priority field.  

  5. Enter the date that you require this request to be completed in the Date Required field.

  6. Enter any applicable information about your ticket (e.g. if a specific item needs to be added, moved, removed, etc.). 


Reservations Request Information Screen Step 3-8a.png

Figure: Request Information Screen


  1. Enter the contact information for the request in the Contact field. If the requestor is you, select the Me tab. If someone else, select the Someone Else tab. 


Reservations Contact Information1 Section - Request Information Screen.png

Figure: Contact Information Section - Request Information Screen


  1. Enter the location where you or the contact is located. If the contact is you, select the My Room (no room assigned) tab. If the room is unknown, select the Unknown Room tab.

  2. Under the Operators section, enter the operator from the drop-down menu in the Operator field. 


Reservations Operator Section - Request Information Screen1.png

Figure: Operator Section - Request Information Screen


  1. Once you have entered all of your request information, select the Add Ticket button. If you want to view the ticket and view the status in Service Request Module, select the Add Ticket & Open Prod View button. If you want to cancel your request, click the Close button. 


Note: In order to use the Add Ticket & Open Prod View button, you need to have a current license for the Service Request Module. 



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