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Reservation Queue

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Reservation Queue

The Reservation Queue provides the ability to view all of the available reservations currently in the Reservations module. 


Reservations Queue Overview1.png

The Reservations screen allows you to view all current reservations. The screen allows you to perform six major functions:

  1. Search Buildings

  2. Search Reservations

  3. List Reservations by Building

  4. Add New Reservation

  5. Current Reservations

  6. Ticket/Remove Buttons


The Reservations screen also allows you to view additional information about a reservation, such as: date, time, building, the room reserved, and any available notes. 

Search Buildings

The search buildings field allows you to search for reservations by a specific building.

Search Reservation

The Search Reservation field allows you to search by individual reservations. For example, you can enter your name in this field to view your upcoming reservations.

List Reservations by Building

Selecting a building opens all of the available rooms, as well as lists any of the current reservations scheduled within the building. 

Add New Reservation Screen

Selecting the Reservation Add New Icon.png icon opens the Add Reservation screen and allows you to add a new reservation. You have the option to select whether your reservation will be several hours or several days, as well as adding any specific notes for the reservation.


Reservation Add New Reservation Screen.png

Figure: Add New Reservation Screen


A list of the fields in the Add New Reservation screen are listed in the table below:

Field Description


This field allows you to search for a specific room to see if it is available.

Reserve For?

This field allows you to enter the name of the person or group for whom the reservation is made (e.g. Customer Service, Development, Visitors).

How Many?

This field allows you to select how many people will attend your reservation.


This drop-down allows you to specify the length of your reservation (e.g. hour, day, multi-day).

Start Date / Time

These two field allows you to enter the start date and time (if your reservation duration is less than a single day) for your reservation.


Note: If you select Multi-Day in the Duration drop-down field, the Time field will be replaced by the End Date.

End Date

This field allows you to enter the end date for your reservation.


Note: If you select Multi-Day in the Duration drop-down, this field appears.


This field allows you to add guests to your reservation. Any guests you include will receive the e-mail notification of the reservation. 


This field allows you to play any additional notes about the reservation.

Cancel Button

This button cancels out of the Reservation creation screen and returns you to the Reservation Queue screen.

Create Button

This button completes the reservation creation process and returns you to the Reservation Queue 

Current Reservations

The Current Reservations section lists all of the reservations currently scheduled. 

Ticket / Remove Buttons

Under the current reservations section, there are two potential buttons available to use: Ticket and Remove.



  • The Ticket button allows you to create a Service Request ticket (if you currently use the Service Request module). This button is only available if you have the Service Request Module. If you have the Service Request module and want to add a ticket, click Adding a Ticket.



  • The Remove button allows you to remove a reservation. 

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