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Space Availability

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Space Availability

The main window associated with the Reservations Module is the Space Availability screen. The Space Availability screen allows you to quickly view the available spaces in your facility.  Spaces can be seen by Building, floor, type, and availability on the calendar. Reservation availability displays to the right of each space. Please note that users will only see spaces they are allowed to book based on the reservation rules that are configured.




The Space Availability screen allows you to view various information about each space, including:


The Building drop-down field allows you to view spaces available in a specific building in your Reservations module. 


Figure: Building Drop-Down Menu


The Type drop-down menu provides the ability to show specific types of available spaces, including the ability to go down to specific conference rooms or actual employee desks.


Figure: Type Drop-Down Menu

Date Selection

The Space Availability screen allows you to select a date at the upper-right hand corner. Once a date is selected the space availability view will display the selected date. To see the current date click the TODAY button.



Figure: Date Selection

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