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Request Queue

Last updated: Wed, 07 Jun 2017 23:42:19 GMT
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Request Queue

The Request Queue screen is used to view and access existing service requests. To access this screen, select the Service Request →  Request Queue option from the sidebar menu.



Figure: Request Queue


The Request Queue screen displays, where you can access additional information for requests using the following options.


  1. First, select the appropriate center from the drop-down menu.

  2. To find a particular request, use the search feature at the top left of the screen. Enter a search criterion and click the Search button.

  3. To see a brief overview of a particular service request, click the triangle to the left of the request ID number.

  4. Request priority levels, color codes, and visibility to the requestor and operations views are established in the module’s Administrative functions.

  5. Requests are color-coded. There is a Show Legend link for your reference.

  6. Click the Quick Ticket link to quickly submit a service request from this screen.

  7. To edit or update a request ticket, click the Prod View (short for Production View) button under the Actions column. 

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