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Updating a Service Request

Last updated: Wed, 08 Nov 2017 23:55:50 GMT
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Updating a Service Request

Once a service request ticket has been created, you can re-access the ticket by clicking the Prod View button on the Service Request Queue screen. From the Service Request Detail screen, you can edit or cancel requests based on your user access level. Changes are made to tickets using the same processes used to add the ticket, as described here.

Refer to the following procedure for information on making changes to existing service request tickets.

  1. Access the Production View screen by clicking the Prod View button associated with the ticket on the Service Request Queue screen. The Service Request Detail screen displays.

    Click Prod View - Service Request.gif
  2. Make changes to the ticket as necessary. For example, to change the date required, click on the link in the Date Required field, select a new date and time, and click the Close button.

    Change the Date Required - Service Request.gif

    Once a change is made, "Saved" displays in the upper-right corner of the screen and the changes are saved in real time.
  3. Return to the Service Request Queue screen by clicking the Back button in the web browser.
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