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Service Request Hierarchy

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:05:17 GMT
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Service Request Hierarchy

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The different types of requests in the Service Request module are arranged in a three-part hierarchy. This is important to visualize when doing administrative work on the module, so that you can easily make the necessary additions and changes, with minimal confusion.


The hierarchy is as follows:

  1. Product Categories – Product Categories represent the different categories of request types. For example, Equipment Service Requests pertain to requests for service of office equipment like printers. Building Maintenance requests pertain to requests for facility- related requests like water leaks, HVAC issues, etc.

  2. Products – Products represent the specific request types such as Plumbing, Lighting, or HVAC that would be a subset of a particular Product Category.

  3. Request Types – Unique Request Types are set up and assigned to Products. For example, within the Plumbing Product, there may be Request Types such as leaky faucet, no hot water, clogged drain, etc.


When doing administrative work for the Service Request module, remember that Product Categories must be added before Products are added, and Products must be added before you add Request Types.


Most of this information is added during initial site configuration. iOffice provides a template that can be populated and loaded in bulk rather than individually, but some customization will need to be done. If you have questions, contact iOffice.



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