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Space Desktop

Last updated: Tue, 09 Jun 2020 15:13:39 GMT
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Space Desktop

The Space Desktop is used to visualize how each component of your overall space fits into the goals and overall picture of your organization. From 30,000-feet all the way down to the individual user, the Space Desktop provides you with a user-friendly and data-driven representation of your entire space portfolio.

Reimagined Space Desktop

To access the Space Desktop, select Space → Space Desktop from the sidebar. The Space Desktop displays a map tailored to your available locations directly on the screen. This is a representation of your space at the highest level.

Overall Space Information

The Space tab displays a list of your available locations. The locations available on this tab are limited to the centers to which you are assigned. If you require access to a location that is not listed, contact your system administrator.

Click the Space Information tab to display your overall space utilization, including occupancy information and the total number of rooms and people in your entire organization.

Navigating the Space Desktop

There are three main ways to drill down and navigate various levels of the Space Desktop. As you drill down, the space information displayed is updated to match the selected building or floor, providing you with increasingly specific details for the associated space.

  1. Map drill down. To drill down to a location, click the pin or area you want to view. When multiple buildings exist in the same general area, the buildings are grouped together, and the total number of buildings in the group displays in place of the pin. Once you drill down to a specific area, you can click the pin associated with a particular building to view space details for that building.

     Map drill down - space desktop
  2. Building list drill down. Select a building from the list on the left-hand side of the screen to jump straight to the building. You can then view space information for the entire building by selecting the Information tab, or you can select a specific floor from the list to view information for a specific floor.

    Building list drill down - Space Desktop 
  3. Search to drill down. Enter the name of a building or room in the Search field to go to a specific area on the floor plan.

    Room Search - Space Desktop

    Similarly, you can search for and 'ping' a person located anywhere in your space portfolio by entering the person's name in the Search field and selecting the user from the list. The user's assigned location is pinged on screen. Other searchable fields are floors, spaces, assets, and markers as well as buildings and people.

    User Search - Space Desktop 

If you have any questions about utilizing the Space Desktop, please call 1-800-505-0224 or send an email to

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