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Floor Specific Data

Last updated: Tue, 23 Jun 2020 19:38:54 GMT
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Floor Specific Data

Floor specific data gives Space Administrators, Operators, and Managers a summary of the occupancy and area of the floor and gives a high-level view of occupancy by space type. 

1. To access floor specific data, select Space icon and click Space Desktop.

2. Select the teal icon to the right of the Search bar and click Information

3. When you drill down to a specific building, floor and building information displays on the left-hand side of the screen. On the Building tab, the total area available in the building displays, as well as a list of floors. Select a floor from the list to view information for the selected floor. The Floor tab displays basic information about the selected floor, and an interactive floor plan displays on screen. Click the Open in Space Manager button on the Floor tab to display a detailed architectural drawing of the floor plan in the Space Manager

Floor tab - Space Desktop

To view floor utilization details in a graphical format directly on the Space Desktop, click the Floor Information tab. This tab displays additional details about the floor, including space-specific statistics for occupiable and unoccupiable spaces.

Floor Information tab - Space Desktop

The graph legend displays the percentage of occupied, unoccupied, and reservable space on the floor. Hover the mouse cursor over the graph to view the total number of spaces in each category. Additional floor details display below the graph, including the total area dedicated to spaces and the number of people assigned to the floor. Change the entry in the Space Statistics field to toggle between occupiable and unoccupiable space statistics for each space type on the floor.

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