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Space Manager

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:04:06 GMT
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Space Manager

The following article provides a general overview of Space Manager.  When you click the Open in Space Manager button, a detailed architectural drawing of the floor plan displays in a separate window. On this window, you can perform the following actions.

  • Hover over each room to view the Room Inspector, which shows the room number, room type, occupants, square footage, phone extension, and assets, as applicable.

  • Zoom in or out in the picture by using the Zoom slider bar or else by scrolling your mouse’s wheel forward (zoom in) or backwards (zoom out). Drag the drawing around the window as desired.

Additionally, the taskbar displayed at the top of the page provides you with access to the following functions in the Space Manager.

  1. Under the Floor section, you can select another building or floor, search for assets or people, or print a copy of the floor plan.

  2. Under the View section, you can perform functions that change how you view information on the floor plan.

  3. Under the Moves section, you can create scenarios for potential moves.

  4. Under the Annotation section, you can add notes and annotations to the floor plan.

Creating a Reservation

You can also create a reservation from the Space Manager.

  1. From the Space Manager diagram, click on any room, and the Create Reservation screen appears, allowing you to customize your reservation details.


Figure: Make Reservation - Space Manager


  1. The Reservation screen opens where you can enter your specific reservation criteria.


Figure: Reservation Creation Window


  1. Once you enter all of your criteria, click the Create button.


Note: You can also create a reservation from the Reservations module.



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