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Drawing Polygons

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:04:09 GMT
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Drawing Polygons


In order to annotate a floor plan by using a polygon, perform the following steps. 

  1. To annotate the floor plan using a polygon, click the Polygon icon.

    • Click a starting point on the floor plan. The shape continues to draw with each successive click of the mouse defining another point on the shape.

    • The shape is complete when you click back on your starting point, when you double-click your mouse, or when you hit the Done button on the dialog box.


  1. Formatting and functions are the same as with Drawing Pre-Defined Shapes above.

    • Drag the corners or sides to enlarge or decrease the size of the shape.

    • Click the orange button to rotate the shape.

    • Under the dialog box Style tab, you can change the look and feel of the shape.

    • Under the Transform tab, you can see the dimensions and total area of the shape, based on the scale of the floor plan.

    • Note that even if you have not closed the shape (for example, you have drawn just three sides of a square), the Space Planning module will calculate the area of the shape assuming the end points are connected.

    • Click the Remove button to remove the shape from the floor plan.


Annotations Polygon.png

Figure: Drawing Polygons



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