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Floor Section

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:04:11 GMT
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Floor Section

Explains how to complete a variety of functions while using the Floor Section of the Space Module, including floor selection and printing.  


Figure: Floor Toolbar

Floor Selection

In the Floor section of the task bar you can perform the following functions. 

  • Click the building icon to open a menu showing all the buildings and floors managed in the Space Planning module.


  1. To print a copy of the floor plan, click the Print icon. 

  • In the Print Preview window, click the Crop to Screen button to print only the section shown on the screen. Click the Adjust Crops button to modify the cropped area.

  • If the floor plan is not currently cropped, click the Crop button, modify the cropped area to be printed, and then click Finish Cropping to see the results.

  1. Conduct a LiveSearch for assets, rooms, or end users by typing the search criteria in the field with the magnifying glass icon. As you ​type, LiveSearch returns results that match your criteria. When you click the search results, Space Manager “pings” the location of the item on the floor plan.

  2. Click the building names to see a list of the individual floors in that building. Click another floor to view its floor plan in Space Manager.


Floor Section.png

Figure: Floor Section



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