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Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:04:14 GMT
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View Section

In the View section of the task bar you can change the way in which the floor plan visually presents information.


Figure: View Section


Zoom in or out using the slider bar. You can also zoom in or out using the scroll wheel on your mouse. This allows you to quickly adjust the size of your floor plan.



The Legend feature allows you to select different color scheme layers, for example by occupancy, room type, or category.


Figure: Space Manager - Legend


Note: As an example, the Category Options selection allows you to define your color scheme by category, depth, and what you want to show on your floorplan (e.g. User & Room Cost Centers).


Figure: Example Color Scheme Layer




The Layers feature allows you to toggle on/off the display of different CAD layers such as Furniture, Fixtures, Mechanical, etc.


Figure: Space Manager - Layer


Enabling a Layer

Enable a layer by clicking the light bulb icon.


Changing the Layer's Color

Change the layer’s color by clicking the square below the light bulb icon and selecting a color.


Figure: View Section of the Taskbar



The Assets feature allows you to control how different assets are displayed on the screen. You can choose whether they are displayed, what icon is used to represent them, and format the color and size of the icon. You can also choose a border color, making the icons easier to see on the floor plan.


Text Options

Text Options allows you to choose what information displays in the Space Manager. The Room Text tab controls the information that displays when you click a room.


Note: If you want to further customer your floor plan, you may also add or remove additional information to your room, such as Reservation Start, Reservation End, and Reservation Users. But deciding what is shown on your floor plan is entirely up to you through the Text Options icon under the View section in the Space Module. 


Figure: Text Options - Room Text Tab


The Room Mouse Over tab controls the information that displays when you hover your mouse over a room.


Figure: Text Options - Room Mouse Over Tab


The Asset Mouse Over tab controls the information that displays when you hover your mouse over an individual asset (e.g. fire extinguisher, desk, etc.). 


Figure: Text Options - Asset Mouse Over


Click Adjust Labels to be able to move, resize, and rotate individual room labels.


Note: If you use the Reservations Module, you can view your reservations in the Space Module and who made the reservation. You can also see the status of specific rooms on your Space Manager drawings.


As an example, if a room is light-blue, then based on the legend, you can see that is is a Reservable room.  


Legend Overview.png

Figure: Legend Section



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