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SoftSpace for Revit Plugin

Last updated: Fri, 20 Nov 2020 20:34:11 GMT
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SoftSpace for Revit Plugin

The SoftSpace for Revit plugin allows Space Module administrators to load drawings using Revit.

Click here to download the Softspace for Revit Plugin

Who Should Use the SoftSpace for Revit Plugin?

With most floor plans being in an AutoCAD format, you have most likely had a variety of positive and negative experiences trying to keep your buildings up-to-date. While AutoCAD has its uses, because of its drafting focus, it carries a great deal of baggage and can require a good amount of work from your team and ours to get each of your floor plans ready to use. Our Revit plugin can help streamline the update process. 

Revit provides a number of helpful upgrades over your current AutoCAD software. While AutoCAD doesn't know the difference between a door and a wall, Revit does. When combined with the iOffice plugin, Revit can automatically detect each room in your floor plan, enter your boundary lines for each floor, as well as automatically label each of your assets on your floor plan and send it directly to iOffice. This can be a time and monetary savings for your workforce and your all-important budget. 

But what happens if all of your building drawings are in an AutoCAD format? No problem. Using our Revit plugin, you can seamlessly import your drawings into Revit and streamline your processes going forward. The iOffice Revit plugin combines the ease of use of iOffice with the power and efficiency of Revit. 

Revit Plug-In.png

Does your company or facility use Revit format drawings or are you looking to transition from AutoCAD to Revit? If so, please contact us for additional information.

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