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Orphaned Users Tab

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:04:15 GMT
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Orphaned Users Tab

When loading new drawings that remove or change rooms and room numbers (for example when changing cubicle configurations) you can end up leaving users without a current room. To help with this, there is an Orphaned Users tab that appears when orphaned users are identified during the drawing load.

  1. If you load a drawing that removes a room, the Orphaned Users tab appears. It shows the user who is orphaned, the room they were in, and the date the room was removed.

  2. Click the Edit button to edit the user’s profile and update the room information.

Add/Edit Rooms

If you clicked Edit on the floor level to edit a room, or you clicked the Add Icon.png icon to add a new room, a new window will open.

  1. Enter or modify the area, type, and description. To change the room number (Name), contact iOffice to update the drawing.

  2. Add a category by using the LiveSearch feature. Start typing the category's name and matching results are displayed. This Category assignment orverrides the occupant category on the floor plan. 

  3. Add a voice or data jack by using the drop-down menu and then naming the jack.

  • Delete the jack by clicking the Close Iconx.png icon. 

  • Delete the category by clicking the Close Iconx.png icon. 

  1. Click the OK button to save changes. Click Cancel to exit without saving. 


Figure: Add/Edit Rooms



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