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Space Manager - Admin

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:04:31 GMT
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Space Manager - Admin

The Space Manager administrator features allow you to perform a wide variety of functions. This section provides an overview of the capabilities and how to perform these tasks to support ongoing Space and Occupant data maintenance and validation.


This section contains information on the following:

Space Manager Toolbar

This section contains information on the legend icon, basic functionality, and the different color schemes available (e.g. occupancy, room type, and cost centers).


Moves Icon

While you learned a little bit about the moves icon in the Space Manager Toolbar section, this provides more in-depth information on the following functions:

  • Auto-save Capabilities 

  • Generating Move Scenarios 

  • Archiving Move Scenarios 

  • Opening and Closing Existing Move Scenarios 


Text Icon

Overview of text display features onscreen and hover over by:

  • Room

  • User

  • Asset


Adjust Labels Icon

  • How to move a label and disengage the adjust labels feature.


Assets Icon

  • Designating Asset Symbols

  • Adding background, modifying colors and resizing asset symbols

  • Turning asset symbol display on floorplans on and off.

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