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Registering Multiple Visitors

Last updated: Tue, 30 Oct 2018 15:21:24 GMT
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Registering Multiple Visitors

You can preregister multiple visitors at once using the Upload Visitors option in the Visitor module. When you have a large number of visitors, such as when a group is visiting your building, you can add all the visitors and designate the date and time of the visit in a single location. This option allows you to register groups of visitors in a few simple steps. Refer to the following procedure to learn how to register multiple visitors.

  1. To begin the process of adding all the visitors, access the Upload Visitors screen by selecting Visitor → Upload Visitors from the sidebar menu. The Upload Visitors screen displays.
  2. On this screen, click the Download Template button to download the preregistration template.


    The .csv file that is downloaded contains your site's field configuration in the correct order. This file allows you to enter the visitor information or copy and paste the information from an existing list. open the template and begin making your entries. 
  3. Using the downloaded template, enter the information for your group of visitors. You can either enter the information manually or you can copy the information from an existing list. If you are working from an existing list, we recommend you copy information from the list to the downloaded template since the fields listed on the spreadsheet must match your site exactly. This is the best practice, as it can help you avoid errors generated from unmatched field names. 

  4. When you are finished, save the completed .csv file to an easily accessible location.
  5. Re-access the Upload Visitors screen and then drag and drop the file to the screen.


    The entries are uploaded and display on screen.
  6. Verify and update the information prior to preregistering the group.

    The entries are automatically verified for certain information, such as a valid host email, the visitor watch list, and required entries. Visitor records that meet the requirements display with a Green Checkmark.png (green checkmark) to the left of the record, while a Red X.png (red X) displays to the left of any record that does not meet the requirements and must be reviewed prior to completing the upload.


    If a Green Checkmark.png (green checkmark) displays to the left of each record, proceed to step 8. Otherwise, proceed to step 7 to review records with a Red X.png (red X) prior to completing the upload.
  7. Select the first record with a Red X.png (red X) displayed. Additional record details display on the right-hand side of the screen. Update or remove the record as needed. For example, if the record matches a visitor on the visitor watch list, you can verify the match and remove the visitor record from the list prior to adding the record. Select the record, click the View in WatchList button, and then click the Yes button to remove the visitor record. The record is removed from the upload list. Repeat this step for each invalid record on the list. Once a Green Checkmark.png (green checkmark) displays to the left of each visitor record, proceed to step 8.
  8. Use the Date and Time fields at the top of the screen to enter the date and time of the scheduled visit. You have the option to enter the date and time manually or use the Calendar icon.png (Calendar) and Arrow buttons.png (Arrow) buttons to enter the correct date and time.

  9. Once you have set the date and time, click the Preregister button to complete the upload process and add the visitor records.
    Preregister the Visitors.png

    The records are moved from the Upload Visitors screen to the Queue screen, and a confirmation message displays to indicate the visitors have been successfully added. You can then add your next group of visitors on the Upload Visitors screen or navigate to the Queue screen, where you can check-in visitors using your normal process.
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