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Visitor - Administrative Functions

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:06:39 GMT
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Visitor - Administrative Functions

To make administrative changes in the Visitor module, you need to have appropriate permissions. To access the Admin Visitor module functions, perform the following steps.


  • Click the Admin tab in the left toolbar and select Visitor. The Visitor Admin options appear.


Figure: Administrative Functions - Visitor Module



  1. Click the Admin tile on the homepage. 


Figure: Admin Tile


  1. Click the Visitor tab in the Admin toolbar. 


Figure: Admin Toolbar

Administrative Categories

The following categories are available in the Administrative section of the Visitor module. 




Allows you to view and/or modify visitor alerts.


Allows you to view and/or modify preferences.

Visitor Watch List

Allows you to add, view, and/or modify visitors on watch list.


Allows you to view and/or modify screen layouts within the Visitor module. 



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