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Customize - Visitor Module

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:06:41 GMT
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Customize - Visitor Module

The Customize section allows you to customize your Visitor Module.


In order to access the Visitor Customize section, perform the following steps:

  • Click the Admin > Visitor > Customize. The Visitor Customize screen opens. 


Figure: Visitor Customize Screen


  • You may customize the visitor fields by moving unassigned fields to assigned, or vice-versa by using the left and right arrow buttons.

  • If you want to change the order of the Assigned fields, click the up or down arrows until the field is in the desired order.  

  • You are also able to specify whether an assigned field is required or not by clicking the field and then clicking the Required button. 

  • Once you have made all of your changes, click the Submit button. 



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