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Preferences - Visitor Module

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:06:41 GMT
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Preferences - Visitor Module

The Preferences section of the Visitor module's administrative function allows you to view and/or modify your preferences. 


In order to access the Visitor Preferences section, perform the following steps:

  • Click Admin > Visitor > Preferences. The Visitor Preferences screen opens.


Figure: Visitor Preferences Screen


The assorted checkboxes and fields are described in the table below.



Allow Badge Printing

Allows the printing of visitor badges from the DYMO printer.

Allow Auto Printing

Allows the direct printing of badges after registration.

Allow Lobby Queue

Allows visitors to register and wait in the lobby before they check in. 

Allow Pre-Registration

Allows clients to pre-register visitors for future dates.

Allow License Scan

Allows visitor center to scan drivers licenses.

Allow emailing security personnel about restricted visitor.

There are two sections you can provide input:

  • From email address: allows you to establish the "From" email address to notify security personnel.

  • To email address: allows you to establish the "To" email address to notify security personnel. 

Allow Security Alert

Allows you to create a custom security message that will be sent to the email address(es) you specified in the previous fields.

Allow Web Cam Image Capture

Allows you to take a picture from a webcam.

Allow Email Notifications

Allows you to send an email notification to the host informing about visitors.

Allow Signature Capture

Allows you to capture signatures using a signature pad each time a visitor is registered to check-in. 


You are also to provide a customized disclaimer / instructions.

Use Customized Badge

Allows you to select whether you want to upload a customized template.


If you opt for a customized template, you can click the Choose File button to upload it. 


You can then choose the Download template link to download it.

Note: Regardless of the changes made on this page, you will need to click the Apply button for them to be saved. 



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