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Define Category Items

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Define Category Items

After you have created the depths for your category, you can create items within each depth. Items can be maintained at any depth, or level, within the parent category. For example, the category in the following example has three depths. To drill down to view the items associated with each depth, you simply click the item to navigate to the next level below the item.

Drill down through depths.gif

As you drill down, you can view the name of the displayed item at the top of the Items section. More detailed information for the item is displayed in the Item Info section. Furthermore, users and rooms assigned to the corresponding item display in the Users section and the Rooms section, respectively.

Use the following procedures to add a new itemedit an item, or remove an item from a category.

Add a New Item

Access the category and depth where you want to add the item.

  1. Navigate to  Admin >  Space > Categories. The Categories Search screen displays. Use this screen to locate and select the appropriate category. The category displays on the Category screen. If you are adding an item to the top level of the category, proceed to step 2; otherwise, use the Items section to drill down to the appropriate depth within your category structure.

New items are always added as children of the displayed item. 

  1. After the appropriate level is displayed on the Category screen, click the Add New Item button. The Add New Item section displays. 

    Click Add New Item button.gif

  2. Enter the name of the Item in the Name field. 

  3. (Optional) Enter a code for the Item in the Code field.

    Enter item name and code.gif

  4. Select the color you want to assign to the Item using the Color Selection window.

    change item color.gif

  5. Click the Create button to add the new item. The new Item is created.

Edit an Existing Item

If you need to make changes to an existing item, simply drill down to the item on the Category screen and update the necessary information in the Item Info section. The name, code, color, and even parent of the item can be adjusted directly in this section. Once you've made the necessary changes, click the Save button to save the new information.

For example, suppose you accidentally added an item beneath the Third Quarter Projects (3QP) item, but the item is really a second-quarter project. To move the item, display the item and use the Browse button to update the parent of the item.

Update item parent.gif

Verify the correct parent for the item displays in the Parent field and click the Save button. The item and corresponding children are moved to the new location.

Furthermore, if users are associated with the item, you can use the Edit button in the Users section to update the user's information.

Category - new user buttons.png

For example, suppose you notice a user associated with the category item is not currently assigned to a room. To add a room for the user, click the Edit button. The User Maintenance screen displays, where you can add the room information to the user record. Once you've made the necessary changes, click the Save button, and then click the Done button to return to the Category screen.

For more information on updating user information on the User Maintenance screen, see Edit a User.

If the Space module is licensed, you can click the Space Pinger button (Space Pinger) button in the Users section to verify the user was added to the correct room. When this button is clicked, the Space Management window displays, providing you with a visual representation of the corresponding room assignment by pinging the user's assigned location.

category - space pinger.png

"Ping" user locations in the Space Management window.

After you confirm the room assignment is correct, close the Space Management window and click the Save button on the Category screen to save the new information.

Remove an Item

To delete an existing item , drill down to the item and click the Remove Item button. A message window displays, allowing you to confirm the deletion. Click Remove on this window to delete the item and any corresponding children.

Remove Category Item.gif

Users and rooms associated with items are not automatically reassigned when an item is deleted. It is recommended that users and rooms be manually reassigned prior to deleting an item, as this action cannot be undone. 

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