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This section contains an overview of the Asset Module, basic procedures, and provides a general understanding of how to use the module. The Asset module provides you with an easy-to-use, online method to manage customer equipment. From printers to copiers, fire extinguishers to coffee makers, the module can be used to track data for each asset. This data includes things like keeping an up-to-date inventory, providing financial information on leased versus owned equipment, and retaining information about contracts, warranties, and insurance, as well as information about the configurations and capabilities of each machine.

The module makes it easy to track the utilization of assets and achieve optimal use of them. Features of the Asset module include the ability to: manage and edit inventory; enter and edit meter reads; track contract details and expiration dates; and report on assets using various metrics. Use the following links and tabs to access procedures and general information on the functions available in the Asset module. For additional information on navigating this guide, click here.

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