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Request Form

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Request Form

Create a Copy Request (Page 1 of 2)

The Request Form is divided into two pages. The first page allows electronic files to be attached and quantity and job specifications to be selected. 


Note: If you want to create a copy request, you should start with Submit a Request.



Figure: Create a Request (Page 1 of 2)


  • File attachments may be selected from previous attachments by selecting the file from the drop-down.

  • New file attachments are selected by clicking the Choose File button and selecting the file from the network file directory.

  • Once the file is selected, click the Upload Attached Files button. You may attach more than one file. 


Note: The information in the table below are the available fields when creating a copy request. Depending on how your site is configured, you may not have all of the listed items, or you may have customized information. 





Quantities include the Number of Original Pages and the Number of Sets requested.  The Number of Original Pages is only an estimate and does not need to be exact as the total click counts are recorded in the production view before the ticket is closed. The Total Copies are updated in the Job Preview as quantities are entered.

Print Type

The remainder of the ticket allows specific job requirements to be selected.  The requester simply clicks the appropriate items.  Items can have sub-items to select from. The requester also has the option of keying in additional requirements in the Notes box.

For example, if you selected a Color print type, you could specify the quantity of color prints requested and then enter any additional notes by selecting the Add Notes (Add) icon.


If you decide you do not want color prints, you could simply select the red  and remove it from your request.


Items can be configured to require a specific item quantity.  If so, a quantity box will appear.  Simply input the number required for the item.

Job Preview

As selections are made on the request form the Job Preview reflects the choices made as well as estimates the total copies and cost of the job. 


Note: The Price Estimate is a preference that can be turned on or off.



Figure: Job Preview Screen

Click the Next button (Next) to progress to the second page of the ticket process.

Create a Copy Request (Page 2 of 2)

The second page of the request form allows you to enter a job description, a required by date, delivery requirements, and contact information of the customer. 



Figure: Create a Request (Page 2 of 2)


Note: The information is in the table below are the available fields when creating a copy request. Depending on how your site is configured, you may not have all of the listed items, or you may have customized information.




Job Description

Input a Job Description. Select the date and time required and input any additional instructions in the Notes Box.  If the proof is required before the complete job is produced, select Send proof before running job.

Delivery Requirements

Delivery options are customized per site and reflect the options available.  Select the appropriate delivery option.

Contact Information

The Ordered by section automatically populates based on the user login.  This section is customized per site.  Any field that is bold is a required field and the ticket cannot be submitted without the information.


Note: The requester has the option, if this preference is active, to change the Deliver to and or the Bill To information.  To change either, select the option and then click the Directory Search icon.


This will pop-up the directory window and allow the requester to select the alternative deliver to/bill to from the list.

This Directory Search feature may be used to change the Ordered By, Deliver To and Bill To sections of the ticket.

  • Select the Submit button (Submit) on the lower right-hand corner of the screen to send the request to the Copy Center.



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