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Slack Integration

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Slack Integration

If you and your team use Slack as your interoffice communication tool, you can receive iOFFICE notifications directly in the Slack App. This integration can help you and your team stay organized by allowing you to access notifications using your primary communication tool.


New Slack Integration

iOFFICE notifications are available in Slack for the following modules.

  • Service Request. Requesters, primary contacts, and operators can receive alerts for actions taken on tickets, including when a ticket is submitted, completed, or canceled, comments on the ticket, and operator updates. Click here for more information on notifications available in the Service Request module.
  • Reservations. Hosts and guests receive alerts when a reservation is created or updated.
  • Visitor. Hosts receive alerts whenever a guest checks in using the Visitor App.

Note: Notifications only display in Slack if preferences are set to receive notifications in the corresponding module.

Defining Settings for Slack Integration

Before you can receive updates in the Slack App, integration settings must be defined for your site by your site administrator. To define settings, the site administrator should sign into Slack and also into iOFFICE.

In iOFFICE, access the Slack Integration screen by selecting Admin → Marketplace → Slack from the Sidebar menu.

Note: This option is only available to Site Administrators. Click here for more information on user roles available in iOFFICE.

Slack Integration.gif

When the Slack Integration screen displays, follow the prompts to define settings for the integration. If you have any issues during the setup process, contact your Account Manager. For more information on the iOFFICE Slack app, click here.