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Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore

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Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore

Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore allows you to easily restore your space data and occupancy location data back to a specific date. When using Space-Right™ and updating hundreds or thousands of records, this provides an automated way to update your data quickly and accurately. Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore can be performed using the Fully Automated Restore process or done by providing a spreadsheet of data to restore. 

Fully Automated Restore

The fully automated Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore is as simple as iOFFICE turning on the restore process and submitting a request form when you are ready for data to be restored. Once the process is turned on, a snapshot of your data will be captured nightly and stored for 6 months. Once you request a restore, the iOFFICE team will restore that data as you specify on the Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore Form. 

Upon restore completion, all space types and capacities will be restored to the date requested on the restore Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore Form. This includes updating space type and space capacity for each floor on the request form and creating a move request for all occupants of the floor. On the move request, each occupant will be listed as a move item with the from space being their current location and the to space the space they occupied on the restore date requested.  

Request Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore Form

To request a Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore, complete the Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore Form your iOFFICE Account Manager. All Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore requests will be completed within 5 days. The request must contain all relevant information including the date you wish to restore to, a list of buildings and floors to restore, and the Move Request Type (if restoring occupant location assignments). 

Please contact your Account Manager if you are interested in using Space-Right. If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact our customer support by calling 1-800-505-0224 or send an email to

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