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Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore from Report

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Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore from Report

Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore allows you to easily restore your space data and occupancy location data back to a specific date. When using Space-Right™ and updating hundreds or thousands of records, this provides an automated way to update your data quickly and accurately. iOFFICE offers the option for a Fully Automated Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore or a Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore from Report that can be scheduled to generate from iOFFICE daily. This tutorial will explain how to capture the data that you need to restore from a spreadsheet. 

Standard Space-Right™ Snapshot Reports

There are two standard reports that will allow you to capture the data you need for a spreadsheet restore. These reports should be in XLSX format when sent to iOFFICE for restore. 

  • Space-Right Remote-Status Collection & Location Snapshot - This report contains occupant data, the remote-status category of the occupant, and the occupant's location. When data is restored from this report, a Move Request is created with each occupant listed as a Move Item. The occupant's from space will be their current location and the to space will be the location they were in the date the data was captured on the report.
  • Space-Right Space Attribute Snapshot - This report contains space data including building, floor, space name, space type and capacity of each space. When data is restored from this report, the space type and capacity of each space will be updated in iOFFICE and restored to the date the data was captured on the report.

Schedule Space-Right™ Snapshot Reports

Space data can be restored from a report within iOFFICE. Schedule the report to e-mail individuals or distribution lists and send in the date you wish to restore with the following steps below.

Follow these steps for each report to schedule delivery:

1. Navigate to Insights and select Schedule Reports.

2. In the search bar, type Space-Right.

3. Select the report to schedule and then Create Schedule.

1_Snapshot Restore from Report.gif

4. Set the schedule. The default settings are to run daily.

5. In the Parameters tab, keep the default settings.

6. In the Output Options tab set the followoing:

a. Filename

b. Description or purpose of the file

c. Set the format to XLSX

2_Snapshot Restore from Report.gif

7. In the Notifications tab, set up the email recipients and content.

8. Click the Create button.

3_Snapshot Restore from Report.gif

9. Repeat for the next report.


  • Only the creator of the schedule can adjust it after creation.
  • Reports will be delivered via email.
  • Storage of the reports is the responsibility of the customer.

Request Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore Form

To request a Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore, submit the Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore Form (iOFFICE_Snapshot_Restore_Form_V3.xlsx) and the XLSX data you wish to restore to your iOFFICE Account Manager. All Space-Right™ Snapshot Restore requests will be completed within 5 days. The request must contain all relevant information including the date you want to restore to, a list of buildings and floors to restore, and the Move Request Type (if restoring occupant location assignments). 

Please contact your Account Manager if you are interested in using Space-Right. If you have any questions or issues, then contact the iOFFICE Suport team.

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