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Create a Reservation

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Create a Reservation

The Hummingbird app can be used to reserve workstations and meeting spaces in your building. Employees have access to a variety of options, from simple search to filtered floorplan and list views, allowing them to locate and reserve a space appropriate to their needs. 

After you successfully sign in to the Hummingbird app you can create a new reservation. 

  1. From the Hummingbird home screen, tap the Make a Reservation button.
  2. Available rooms display automatically on the Browse Rooms screen. If the Space module is licensed, rooms display in the floorplan view by default. Otherwise, rooms display in the list view. If you have access to both views, you can tap Floor or List at the bottom of the screen to display the corresponding view.

Floorplan or List - Hummingbird app.gif

  1. Tap the date displayed at the top of the screen to view the calendar and select a date for the reservation. The current date displays by default.

    Select date and time - Hummingbird app.gif
  2. Tap the time range displayed below the date to adjust the time range required for the reservation. You can tap and drag to expand the time range. To move to the earliest available time slot on the selected day, tap the ASAP button at the top of the time slider. You can also reserve the space for the entire day by tapping the All Day button. 

    ASAP-All Day - Hummingbird app.gif
  3. When you have selected the date and time for your reservation, tap the Confirm Date and Time button. The Browse Rooms screen displays, where a workstation or room can be selected for your reservation.

The available spaces displayed on the Browse Rooms screen are automatically updated based on the room availability on the selected date and time.

  1. Optional - Tap the Filter button to limit the list of available rooms using filters. You can filter by capacity and room type. Tap the Done button to apply the selected filters. Only rooms matching the entered criteria display as reservable on the Browse Rooms screen. 

    Filter and List view - Hummingbird.gif
  2. Tap the room or workstation you want to reserve on the Browse Rooms screen. If you are viewing the floorplan, tap the space, and then tap a second time on the room detail window that displays. The Reserve screen displays.
  3. Optional - Tap Invite to invite guests to the meeting. A search screen displays, where you can locate and select guests. If guests are not users in the Reservations module, you can select a number of guests by tapping the Add Guest button - Hummingbird.png (Add Guest) button in the Guests section.

    Note and Create - Hummingbird app.png
  4. Optional - Add additional notes in the Notes field.
  5. When you have added the necessary information, tap the Create Reservation button to schedule your reservation. Your reservation is created, and email confirmations are sent to you and your guests.

If Exchange integration is being used, reservations created in iOFFICE must be updated using the Hummingbird app or the iOFFICE Reservations module and reservations created in Exchange must be updated using your Exchange calendar. For more information on Exchange integration, see Exchange_Integration_(EWS).

Reserve For Later

If the space is currently reserved it can be reserved for later. In order to do this follow these steps below:

1. Tap the reserved space.

2. Select the space information to confirm.

3. Tap the Reserve For Later button.


4. Select a time.

5. Tap Confirm Date & Time .

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