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Creating QR Codes for Reservable Rooms

Last updated: Wed, 31 Jan 2018 18:48:54 GMT
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Creating QR Codes for Reservable Rooms

QR codes can be associated with your available workspaces to allow employees to efficiently access room information and reserve the space using the Hummingbird app. Use the following procedure to create a QR code to use for room reservations.

  1. Create a Space report that displays the room name, iOFFICE room ID, room type, and whether the room can be reserved.

    Room ID report example

    Note: Click here for information on creating custom reports in the Insights module.

  2. Access a QR code generator to create and print the QR code for the corresponding room.

    For example, you can use to generate a QR code.

  3. In the field used to enter the text to embed in the QR code, enter ioopenspace://reserve/ROOM ID, where 'ROOM ID' is the iOFFICE room ID associated with the reservable room.

    QR code generator example

    If the room ID contains a comma, exclude the comma from the entry. For example, if room 71 has a room ID of 47,567, enter ioopenspace://reserve/47567 in the embed field.

    Note: If the room name is entered rather than the room ID, the QR code is invalid.

  4. Print the QR code and place it in the appropriate location.

    The QR code is available for use with the Hummingbird app.

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