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Locating a Person or Room

Last updated: Fri, 02 Feb 2018 00:06:26 GMT
iOFFICE Knowledge Center

Locating a Person or Room

Using the Search field in the Hummingbird app, you can locate specific employees or rooms at the facility. This functionality provides you with the information you need to optimize your workday based on people's existing schedules and the available spaces in your workplace.

Find a Person

Use the Search field to locate people at the facility. For example, if you need to meet with George today, but you do not know where he is in the building, you can locate him using search and view his expected location on the floorplan. This location is based on his assigned seat and reservation schedule.

People search - Hummingbird.gif

Once you select an employee from the search list, buttons display to the right of the employee to allow you to contact the employee via phone, instant message, or email. In addition, if the employee has upcoming reservations for the day, you can use the slider to refocus the floorplan on an employee's expected location at a future time.

Location slider - Hummingbird.gif

This functionality can help you contact, plan, and meet with the people you need regardless of where their schedule takes them throughout the day.

Find a Workspace

If you know the room number that you want to reserve, you can enter the number directly in the Search field to access the room record. From there, it is only a couple taps to reserve the room and move on to your next task.