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Checking In Mail Items

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Checking In Mail Items

The iOFFICE Mail App allows you to check-in packages using the following methods: 

  • "Magic" Scan

  • Barcode Scan

  • Manual Entry

Watch the following video for a general overview of the package check-in process in the iOFFICE Mail App.

For a step-by-step guide of the check-in process, refer to the following procedure.


Checking In Mail Items Using Magic Scan

The mail_mobile_scan_icon_1.png (Magic Scan) icon on the Home screen of the iOFFICE Mail App allows you to scan a mail item's barcode and either check it in if it is not present in the local database or to deliver it if the mail item is found in the local database and is inbound.

  1. Log into the iOFFICE Mail mobile application. The Home screen displays.

  2. On the Home screen, tap the mail_mobile_scan_icon_1.png (Magic Scan) icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. The Barcode Scan screen displays.

  3. Line up the barcode of your mail item into the scan box and the app will automatically take a picture for you. 

    Multiple options display, allowing you to confirm the check-in.

  4. Tap the Check-In option to check in the package. The Item Information screen displays.

    Note: If you do not see the Check-In option, the package has already been checked in. Tap the Mail Item Details option to update item information. If you are ready to deliver the mail item, click here

  5. Tap the Inbound, Outbound, or Interoffice option to indicate the type of mail item being checked in.

  6. Enter the intended recipient in the To field.

  7. (Optional) Enter the name of the sender in the From field.

  8. (Optional) Enter the package type in the Package Type field.

  9. (Optional) Enter the location in the Location field.

  10. (Optional) Enter additional item information in the Note field and tap the +Add a Note button.

  11. Once you have entered the applicable information about your mail time, tap the Save button. A confirmation Item Information screen displays, allowing you to verify the mail item was successfully checked in.


Barcode Scan

The Barcode Scan option allows you to simply scan the barcode of a mail item to automatically populate mail item information on the Check-in screen.


The sections of the screen are detailed in the table below.



Light (Icon)

The light icon allows you to enable or disable the device flash light to help you to better view your scanned barcode.

Scan (Box)

This is the box you will use to align your barcode. Once your barcode is aligned within the box, the box will turn blue indicating the barcode has been scanned

Done (Button)

To cancel and go back to the home screen, you may press the "Done" button.


Note: If using the Magic Scan icon (see below) instead of the Check-In feature, you will have the option to check-in the mail item if it is not checked in, or deliver it if it is. If Check-In is selected, the Item Information screen opens upon barcode scan.

Manual Entry (Button)

If you would prefer to manually enter your mail item information, click this button. The Item Information screen opens.


Manually Checking in a Mail Item

Once you tap Check-In on the Home screen, the Scan Mail Item screen displays. Using this screen, you can scan a mail barcode using your device's camera, or you can tap Manual Entry to access the Check-in screen, where information for the mail item can be manually entered.

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