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Accepting a Service Request (Operator)

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Accepting a Service Request (Operator)

When a service request is assigned to an operator, the operator can agree to complete work on the request directly in the Service Request App. Use the following procedure to accept a service request ticket using the Service Request App.

Note: If the Automatically assign operators check box is selected on the Admin → Service Request → Preferences screen, operators are automatically assigned to tickets and do not need to accept requests manually. Click here for more information on defining preferences for the Service Request App.

  1. Sign in to the Service Request App, if necessary. The Queue screen displays. Once you are signed in, you may receive push and email notifications for newly assigned requests.

  2. Tap on an Operator Assigned push notification to access the newly assigned ticket. You can also access the ticket directly from the Queue screen. The Service Request Details screen displays, where you can scroll down to review ticket information.

  3. Once you have determined you can complete the request, tap the Accept Request button. A notification message displays to confirm the request has been accepted. 

    Accept Service Request - Operator - SR App

    Note: Alternatively, you can reject the request by tapping the Reject Request button on this screen.

    You can then begin work on the ticket by tapping the Start button, or you can return to the Queue screen by tapping Queue in the top-left corner of the screen.