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Share your ideas in the iOFFICE Ideas Portal

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Share your ideas in the iOFFICE Ideas Portal

We want to hear from you! Our idea portal is embedded directly into the iOffice desktop UI, so Admins can easily submit their suggestions to improve the product and vote on other ideas that resonate with their needs. 

Administrators can view what iOFFICE has planned within the Idea Portal. Within the Idea Portal information for released features, roadmap information, and features under consideration can be viewed. Ideas can also be submitted within the Idea Portal as well. 

Access Ideas Portal

From iOFFICE, complete the following:

  1. In the top menu, click the Ideas Light_Bulb.jpg icon.


  1. The Ideas Port displays where you can either view the released feature, the roadmap, features under construciton, or submit an idea.

Submit an Idea

  1. Click the Submit Idea button.
  2. Complete the information with as much detail as possible so we can fully understand the problems to be solved and user stories associated with your ideas.
  3. Rate how important the feature is either Nice-to Have, Important, or Criticial.
  4. Add your email address so we can follow up for more detail.
  5. Click the Submit button 

Ideas submitted through the idea portal will be reviewed periodically by the Product team. Ideas that align with our strategic objectives will be promoted to the 'Features Under Consideration' section of the idea portal to gather additional feedback from our customers. All ideas and suggestions are welcome, but not all ideas will be approved and developed.


View Released Features

From 2022 onward, we will post all the iOffice Features we’ve released with key information from our design methodology such as Problem to be Solved, User Stories, and Acceptance Criteria. This will give you insight into why we developed and prioritized a specific feature and how it can benefit your organization.  

At the bottom of each feature card, you’ll see buttons to rate how important the feature is to you, giving us valuable insight into how you use the product and what’s most important for you. This modal is present on all feature cards across the idea portal, and we encourage you to rate any feature so we can made decisions with as much data and input as possible.

Released Features.png

View the Roadmap

In the Roadmap tab, you can gain insight into the direction iOffice is headed, provide feedback, and vote on ideas. The Features are categorized into timeframes labeled Now, Next, and Later. 

  • Now: in active development.
  • Next: in the development queue, subject to change. 
  • Later: features likely to be developed, subject to change.

The Roadmap is an indication of intent but does not represent a delivery commitment within the presented timeframe. It is subject to change based on strategic priority, marketing conditions, and other factors impacting the business.


View the Features Under Consideration

When an idea aligns with product strategy and direction, the Product team will add it to this tab to seek input from customers. Depending on feedback, ideas can be promoted to the Roadmap tab to be developed and added to the product.  

Features Under Consideration.png

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