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Define Category Depths

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Define Category Depths

Depths, which are maintained on the top level of the Category screen, define the hierarchy of category business units. The highest level of a category is "level 0" and each child of a category is another level deeper. Children of depths are called Items. Once your depths and items are defined, you can assign users to your categories as necessary.

Only experienced personnel should make changes to depths, especially when renaming or removing a depth.

Use the following procedures to add a new depth, edit a depth, or remove a depth from a category.


Add a New Depth

Access the category where you want to add the depth.​

  1. Navigate to Admin > Space  > Categories. The Categories Search screen displays. Use this screen to locate and select the appropriate category. The category displays on the Category screen. 
  2. In the Depths section, click the Add New button.

    Add a Category Depth.gif

  3. Enter the Name of the new depth. 

  4. Enter the Code you want to use for the depth. 

  5. Click the Save button.

Your new depth is created and assigned to the next available level. Once you have created a depth structure, you can add items to your category. The items will be assigned a depth level based on their parent level.

Modify an Existing Depth

After you have created depths, you might need to change the name or adjust the order of the depths within a category. To edit the name or code assigned to a depth, click the corresponding Edit button. The Name and Code fields for the depth can then be edited as necessary. When you are finished, simply click the Save button to save your changes. 

If you need to move a depth to a different level, you can easily drag the depth to the appropriate location. For example, suppose you forget to create a depth for level one when you initially created your depths. Rather than renaming all the existing depths, simply drag the existing depth to the new location. The levels assigned to the surrounding depths are updated automatically.

Adjust Category Depth level.gif

Remove a Depth

To remove an existing depth from your category, click the corresponding Remove button.

Remove a Category Depth.gif

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