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This section contains an overview of the Mail module, basic procedures, and provides a general understanding of how to use the module. The Mail module allows for tracking of any item as it is distributed throughout a facility. The features available in this module include: automated package input using a hand-held device or desktop; delivery manifests on-the-fly; barcode tracking labels; automated signature of receipt; real-time volume tracking; delivery signature and mail item history; standard, customized, and ad-hoc reporting.

There are several mail tracking tools on the marketplace, but most are proprietary, closed-architecture systems that do not easily share data with the enterprise and are not flexible to meet specific process requirements. Although mail may sometimes be a forgotten resource, business critical data such as receivables, HR data, legal documentation, confidential customer or patient information moves through this distribution channel. 

Use the following links and tabs to access procedures and general information on the functions available in the Mail module. For additional information on navigating this guide, click here.

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