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Request Overview Tab / Approve Requests

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Request Overview Tab / Approve Requests

When you click the Edit button under the Actions column on the Request Queue, the request opens. The Overview tab gives general information about the request.


  1. You can edit information in the Overview tab:

  • Edit the requestor's name, the description of the move, and move date and time.

  • Additional information can be added using the comments field. These comments are visible by the requestor.

  • The Move Summary lists the details of the move items.

  • Once the move is approved, click the Approved box. Note that only employees with appropriate permissions can do this.

  1. To send email notifications to the requestor and others, click the Notifications tab.

  2. Click the green  button to add items to the move. See the Submit Request section for more details.

  3. To edit details about the move, click a move item from the left-hand column and the Edit tab opens.

  4. Click the Remove button to remove a request item.

  5. Click the Save & Close button to save changes and exit. Click Back to exit without saving changes. 



Figure: Request Overview Tab



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