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Planning Moves - Stacking Diagram Shelf

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Planning Moves - Stacking Diagram Shelf

To help you plan for potential moves across your entire portfolio, the Shelf section is available in the sidebar on the Stacking Diagram. This section provides you with a location where you can temporarily drag and drop groups of users without adding them to any floor or building. You can then switch to a different building in your portfolio and move the users to the new location. 

To access the Shelf section, click the Actions button and then select the Show Sidebar option. When the legend displays, click the Rotate_button_-_Stacking_Diagram.png (Rotate) button to display the new Shelf section. Alternatively, you can attempt to drag and drop an item on the Stacking Diagram to display the Shelf section automatically. Currently, none of the changes you make are saved, so feel free to play around with this feature worry-free.

Note: To reset the Stacking Diagram, click the Actions button and then select the Undo All Changes option. The Stacking Diagram is restored and any users moved between buildings or floors are returned to their original location.

Display Shelf - Stacking Diagram.gif

Suppose you are over capacity in one building and are considering moving a couple of fast-growing departments to a new location. Using the Shelf section, you can drag the departments from their existing location directly to the new building. To drag users to the Shelf section, click and hold the group you want to move and drag the group directly to the section.


Once the appropriate users are added to the Shelf section, you can select the destination building and drag the user groups to the new location. You can then visualize the impact the move would have on capacity in both locations and print or save the Stacking Diagram as necessary to help you plan for a future move.

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