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This section contains an overview of the Space Management module, basic procedures, and provides a general understanding of how to use the module. The Space Management module provides you with accurate, real-time information about your facility space and its usage. Using detailed floor plans and comprehensive room information, such as room type, square footage, occupant name, and so on, you can see how your space is being used and manage your available space more efficiently.

The Space Management module works in conjunction with the Move Management module. Any changes made to an office layout can be updated in the system and managed as a cohesive process within the module. The Space Management module is easy to use and implement. Space Management module includes the following features:

  • Access to real-time, accurate space utilization by occupancy.

  • Easy-to-use scenario planning options.

  • Immediate access to layout details such as occupant name, extension and square footage.

  • View layouts by floor for a complete analysis of how the space is being used.

  • Searchable floor plans for quick location of occupants, assets, voice or data jacks.

Use the following links and tabs to access procedures and general information on the functions available in the Space Management module. For additional information on navigating this guide, click here.

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