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Creating a Move Plan in Space-Right™

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Creating a Move Plan in Space-Right™


In order to create a move in space-right categories must first be setup. If the categories are not set up a message will display to set up the categories.




To setup the categories select Admin then select Categories. Then select Create Category and create a Category called On-Site-Status with the Status Code as On-Site-Status.




The users on the floor must also be assigned an On-Site-Status in order for Space-Right to properly place them into a space. To assign them an On-Site-Status navigate to the users by clicking on Admin, then by clicking on the user's name. From there, an On-Site-Status can be assigned by typing in their On-Site-Status or by clicking on browse and selecting the On-Site-Status. This can also be accomplished by doing a data load, please reach out to customer support.




Once users on the floor are assigned to an On-Site-Status the Space-Right™ move functionality can then be utilized on the selected floor plan. To create a move plan select the physical distancing level from the slider bar this will create a move plan based on the selection. To see who is moving in the plan, click the plus button to expand the tab. This will show the On-Site-Status category along with the sub-categories. The sub-categories will have a total of how many people are moving, as well as the total number for each category on the right-hand side. To see who is moving in each category click on the teal text to see who is moving in each sub-category.




The remote location can be configured as well, to do this click on the configure button, this will give the option to select a remote location. The users that are in the Remote category will be moved to the specified remote location.




To finalize creating the move click on the save button, a prompt will show you the current configuration you have selected along with the name of the move request. The name of the move request can be renamed if desired. The option to uncheck the move request box is also available if the move request does not need to be created.




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