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Exchange Integration (EWS)

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Exchange Integration (EWS)

With our Reservations module and Hummingbird mobile app, we have introduced a new way of booking your conference rooms and workstations. However, many of our customers are currently using Exchange and need ways to have it work in tandem with iOFFICE.

Refer to the following diagram for a high-level overview of the Exchange integration structure.Exchange Integration

What Is Needed?

Additional Requirements

Due to permission limitations in Exchange, you must be consistent when creating and updating reservations using Exchange integration. Reservations created in iOFFICE must be updated using iOFFICE; similarly, reservations created in Exchange must be updated using your Exchange calendar. Simply select your preferred method for creating and updating reservations and be consistent with your process. 

What is Next?

iOFFICE will configure the application to integrate into the customer's Exchange instance. Whenever a reservation is placed in iOFFICE, it will replicate to the customer's Exchange instance. If a reservation is placed through Outlook, then it will also be reflected in iOFFICE. 

Office 365 (Outlook) - Exchange Resources

If you would like to learn how to create a new room resource, see Add Resource.

Any Questions?

If you still have questions about how we integrate with Exchange, see the Frequently Asked Questions.